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SF Bay Area Labs:

The Lightroom Berkeley, CA Fine Art Printing for Photographers and Artist. Rob Reiter has been offering printing services since 1975. Now he offers film scanning, digital file preparation (if needed), output through a LightJet digital photographic printer and their specialty, archival pigment (giclée) printing on a wide variety of paper, canvas, and other fabrics. He offers photography and scanning services for artist wishing to produce their original artwork. He also offers a hands on service (1+1) where he and the client work together in any stage or all of the image preparation process. I highly recommend him and have used the Lightroom's services for years.

Magna Chrome The Magna Chrome process represents a new art medium for preserving photos by infusing dyes directly into specially coated metal sheets, giving the print vibrancy and luminescence, unsurpassed by any other process. The results are breathtaking, not to mention archival and durable (waterproof, scratch resistant, and easy to clean).

Useful Information (reviews, tips, etc.)

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Guide to photography and digital imaging: http://www.imaginginfo.com/

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